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PINC & STEEL is more than just helping people after cancer, it is about giving hope, strength and courage.


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PINC & STEEL is more than just helping people after cancer, it is about giving hope, strength and courage.



One patient, One physio, One Step at a time

quotes-dark I just wanted to let you know I had cancer treatment last year and really benefited from the PINC Program. I was an active person before my operation and found I needed something that allowed me to gain that independence back.

I thought the program was wonderful. I started getting results straight away. I was also having trouble sleeping and learning to breathe properly helped with this. I was able to focus and relax my mind. So as well as helping me physically, it definitely helped my well being too. My main focus was to gain strength that I had lost during my treatment and to gain confidence to get back into exercising without worrying about what I was and wasn’t allowed to do.

Since doing the programme I felt confident enough to return to the gym (with my new workout provided by my PINC Physio). I don’t think I would’ve felt comfortable doing so without going through this programme first. I have also suggested this programme to other ladies I know going through the same thing as I.

It’s hard to cope with everything that’s going on as well as finding something specially designed for Cancer patients. It’s not like just walking into a gym and going up to any trainer and asking for help because you could cause more damage if they haven’t been trained in this sort of thing.

I found the program to be very beneficial to my recovery. I am going to have more surgery tomorrow and I feel more confident in my recovery knowing I have a programme I can use afterwards. Especially designed just for me.

Many thanks

Mary, Auckland

quotes-dark I found the PINC programme fantastic! It's not something I would have thought I needed before I got sick and it wouldn't have been a priority (for financial reasons) after my surgery. Having the funded sessions was great. My physio was brilliant, helpful and positive. She worked with me and my limits and the targeted exercises helped increase movement and reduce fatigue, exactly like she said they would!

I enjoyed the exercises and did them faithfully and this, no doubt, played a bit part in my healing. I now have much more strength and mobility in my shoulder and also in other areas that she targeted. It wasn't targeted at just recovery from cancer but an improved overall wellness.
Having completed the 5 sessions, I signed up for Pilates classes with my physio as I found her to be so supportive and easy to work with.
I would HIGHLY recommend this programme (and have done) to anyone in a similar situation and cannot stress its value enough.

Cathy, Taupo

quotes-dark After surgery, chemo & radiation, my body had taken a bit of a battering. My STEEL Physio did an exceptional job assessing what my current limits were, and identifying potential improvements through the right exercises and manual physiotherapy. Before STEEL, I had given up on being able to do some basic types of movement, which other people would take for granted. STEEL made a huge difference to me - it gave me a sense of normal movement, and removed the feeling of being permanently limited from my treatment. I would highly recommend Steel to other cancer patients - it has been an exceptional way to return flexibility & strength post-treatment, beyond what I had thought were my limits.

Nick, Wellington

quotes-dark My PINC Physio was fantastic, she was sensitive to my experience, while also encouraging me to push myself a little within a safe range.
Understandably, I had a lot of anxieties floating about, but my PINC physio was reassuringly well-informed on the issues I was confronting (real and imagined!) from having a bilateral mastectomy, especially my concern over developing lymphoedema. She took time assessing where I was at, including carefully recording my arm measurements. Her approach to the sessions was gentle, yet the exercises were substantial and beneficial. She has a particularly strong knowledge of anatomy which showed in the way she explained the technique and purpose of each exercise. She also provided me with illustrated instructions on exercises I could do at home in between sessions, and these have been very helpful.
I found that participating in the PINC Programme helped tremendously in my recovery, on a number of levels – from increased strength and range of movement, to the mental reintegration of the affected part of my body to the rest. As a result, I became less tentative and more confident of what my body could cope with. One of the key benefits for me is that these sessions have helped me accept my changed body, and to realise its strength. I feel proud of the way in which my body has coped with the somewhat brutal trauma of surgery and chemotherapy, and the PINC sessions have certainly contributed to that.
The benefits of the Programme have been such that I have now enrolled for twice-weekly group pilates classes with my physio.
I am spreading the word about PINC Programme (and Steel) among fellow cancer patients.
Best wishes with the continuation of the programme.

Bev, Wellington

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